Does honey make you fat? Who hasn’t asked themselves this question while enjoying a spoonful of honey? Here’s a hint: honey is made up of 80 % sugars such as fructose and glucose. Compared to white sugar, which has a sugar content of 100 %, honey provides the body with less sugar.

It is obviously a high percentage of sugars in its composition. However, in addition to being lower in calories than regular sugar, honey has a number of properties that make it much more suitable for daily use than regular sugar.

Honey is healthy

One of its fundamental properties is that it is made by bees in a completely natural way. Another of its properties is that in addition to a composition of sugars and water, it also has a series of nutrients such as antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins C and B, and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron phosphate, sulphur and chlorine. And they are very beneficial for our organism. In short, it does not only provide calories. Translated with (free version)

Another peculiarity of honey is that it has a greater sweetening power than sugar. In other words, with a smaller amount of honey, more sweetness is achieved than with a similar amount of sugar. This means that less calories are needed, thanks to honey, when sweetening our desserts, juices, infusions, etc… Replacing sugar with honey is a good idea.

Miel Azahar

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Does honey make you fat?

To the question of whether honey is fattening, and given the high percentage of sugars in its composition, of course it is fattening if not consumed in moderation. In fact, the WHO recommends not to exceed 5% of daily caloric intake from free sugars, including honey.

So the conclusion we draw is that honey consumption is healthy as long as it is done in moderation. After all, like most pleasures in life 😉.

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Does honey make you fat?
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Does honey make you fat?
Does honey make you fat? This is a question we ask ourselves when we taste a good spoonful of honey. We explain it to you in this article.
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