Extra virgin olive oil for cooking

Extra virgin olive oil for cooking is ideal for frying or stewing your daily meals (to learn more, read on later ⇊).

In addition, it is more economical olive oil than the so-called “Premium” but this does not mean that they are not of excellent quality. In fact, these are olive oil brands from the Premium olive oil producers that we have in La Tinaja del Gourmet.

Fry with olive oil

When olive oil is subjected to high temperatures, it is convenient that it be an olive oil with great stability. Thus, when we speak of stability we refer to the resistance of the olive oil to lose its properties. This deterioration is due to the chemical oxidation process triggered by temperature or light.

Olive oil is generally more stable than other types of oils. And depending on the variety of olives, some have greater stability than others. As an example, the ideal extra virgin olive oil for frying, or one of the olive oils with greater stability is picual oil.

What is EVOO for cooking

We might think that it is just cooking with olive oil. But this is not the case: ‘EVOO’ is the acronym formed by the words “extra virgin olive oil”.

So when we speak of “EVOO for your kitchen” we mean olive oil that is extracted directly from the olive. Always by exclusively mechanical procedures and at an ambient temperature below 27 degrees Celsius. Or what is the same, pure natural olive juice.

Olive oil for cooking

In Spain, olive oil is part of its culture and cuisine. There is nothing more authentic and beneficial in our Mediterranean diet than including olive juice in our daily dishes.

Besides, both for cooking and for taking raw olive oil helps you enhance the flavor of your dishes. To do this, you must know that there are certain olive oils such as Premium, which is ideal to take raw and not so much to cook because of its stronger flavor.