Buy raw honey

Here are some varieties of raw and organic honey that comes from natural environments in Andalusia, most of them protected (to learn more, keep reading ⇊)

Raw honey

What’s raw honey? It is the honey that does not undergo heat treatment (pasteurization) or filtration, and that is applied with the conventional one. This is the difference between raw and cooked honey. In this way, honey preserves all its beneficial properties and its nutritional richness.

Besides, it does not lose particles that honey contains such as pollen and propolis (substances produced by bees to protect the honeycomb and that act as antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory).

Therefore, it is pure honey as it was consumed by our previous generations. And without alteration of its natural essence, as freshly collected from the beehive. In addition, it preserves all its properties and benefits for our health.

Organic honey

Organic honey is that which is produced according to very specific and strict standards according to the European regulation of organic agriculture. Thus, these products are certified as long as they are produced according to this regulation.

One of the measures that must be fulfilled to classify this honey as organic is not to feed the bees with sugar. Likewise, the treatment that hives receive is always done with substances existing in nature. And all the apiaries are in natural areas and free from pollution. In fact, in most cases they are protected and a great biodiversity areas.

As an example of these natural areas where this organic honey is produced, we can mention the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas from Córdoba, as well as Sierra Morena. In short, natural landscapes of Andalusia, which is one of the European regions with the greatest floral diversity.

Raw honey

Now you can buy raw and organic honey at, authentic pure honey. The varieties that we offer are Floral and Eucalyptus honey, especially recommended to relieve colds. Orange blossom honey has a slightly acidic and mild flavor. And the other is the Mountain honey, with a more intense and complex flavor.