La Tinaja del Gourmet

Hello everyone, my name is Francisco Cobos and I am the creator of La Tinaja del Gourmet, a brand managed by Gourtidel SL. And that provides its online store service through the website


But what were the reasons for creating this website? First of all, the origins of my family are in the Natural Park of the Sierras Subbéticas, in the southeast of the province of Córdoba. In my grandparents’ house, with the mountains of olive trees as a backdrop, my childhood was spent in the long, hot summer months.

The olive oil and the olive trees, “tinajas” (jars), “espuertas” (baskets for carrying olives), “lebrillos” (earthenware or metal container wider at the rim than at the base), “ramón” (branch resulting from the pruning of olive trees), the “salmuera” (brine), the “orujo” (pomace), the “capacho o capazo” (similar to “espuertas”), the “fanega” (bushel), etc… In short, the vocabulary and customs that are so familiar to me.

Secondly, it was the will to undertake something according to my concerns that motivated me to start this exciting path and thus create La Tinaja del Gourmet. A company that combines new technologies with the ancient art of producing olive oil.

And finally, thanks to this new channel that is so direct with the consumer, the producer is given back the prominence he deserves.

environment and product

The Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park is an area that, due to its orographic and climatic characteristics, produces an extra virgin olive oil highly valued in the world.

Therefore, to carry out La Tinaja del Gourmet we have contacted some of the most relevant olive oil producers in the area. Likewise, we have selected a range of olive oils that I understand are a reference for anyone passionate about EVOO and that would satisfy this demand for premium olive oil.

It is for this reason that this range of products that cannot be found in our usual supermarket, together with fast home delivery and personalised customer service will be the three mainstays of this online shop.


In addition, we will regularly publish articles in our Blog related to the World of EVOO for its dissemination and learning among all of us. And content will be published on the different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and messaging services such as Telegram. I consider it essential that we all learn about olive oil so that we can value this precious commodity as it deserves.

I hope that together we all start a journey in the tasting and consumption of “gourmet” olive oil and that we learn to love it. You can count on our commitment at La Tinaja del Gourmet.

Francisco Cobos