Esencia del Sur 5 liter

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EVOO of the picual variety, ideal for consuming raw and for cooking. Taste the bitterness and itching of the picual olive variety. And in a familiar 5 liter bottle format for your everyday kitchen. 5 liter pet bottle.

Esencia del Sur 5 liters

Extra virgin olive oil of the Esencia del Sur brand of 5 liters. This picual variety extra virgin olive oil is ideal for cooking due to its great stability provided by its high polyphenol content. The latter makes this olive oil withstand higher average temperatures than other varieties of olives. In addition, the 5 liter extra virgin olive oil is an ideal family format for cooking every day.

The picual olive, also known as marteña, nevadilla or lopereña, is predominant in the province of Jaén (Andalusia, Spain), the origin of this olive oil.

Virgin Olive Oil of the picual variety is a more stable oil and resistant to oxidation than that obtained from other varieties, so it is better preserved and is ideal for cooking. And it contains a high proportion of oleic acid, so its consumption is healthier. As for its flavor and aroma, it stands out for its bitterness and itching, being an intense olive oil.


Oleocampo was established in 1995 and is currently made up of five mills located in the southern countryside of the province of Jaén. Specifically in the municipalities of Torredelcampo, Torredonjimeno and Villardompardo. These five mills produce the olive oil that will later be bottled in the Oleocampo bottling plant.

The extension of the olive groves they cultivate extends to 10,812 hectares of olive groves. And the cooperative partners are estimated at 3,472. Obviously, Oleocampo is one of the largest producers and marketers of olive oil in Spain.

In addition, Oleocampo not only produces the Esencia del Sur brand, but also markets its Premium Oleocampo brand. An extra virgin olive oil that is produced from olives harvested during the first days of the harvest. The reason why they are harvested so early is to achieve the highest concentration of organoleptic properties in the olive. Likewise, this is also the cause that the production is lower since the olive does not finish ripening and therefore the juice extraction is lower compared to a ripe olive. Likewise, this is also the cause of the production being lower since the olive does not finish ripening and therefore the extraction of juice is less in liters.

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1 review for Esencia del Sur 5 liter

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    Josito (verified owner)


    Excellent this picual olive oil from Jaén! both to taste raw and to fry, a success, we will repeat!

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It is characterized by its bitterness and itching when consumed raw, and by the stability that characterizes the picual variety, it is an ideal olive oil for cooking.

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