Picual olive oil

Picual extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from the “picual” olive variety, the most widespread in Spain and in the world. Likewise, the areas where they most predominate are the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba and Granada..

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x 6 Units
From 10,75  Tax Incl /ud
x 6 Units
From 13,90  Tax Incl /ud
x 3 Units
From 24,50  Tax Incl /ud
x 6 Units
From 11,00  Tax Incl /ud
From 39,60  Tax Incl /ud
x 12 Units
From 10,50  Tax Incl /ud
x 20 Units
From 2,25  Tax Incl /ud
x 2 Units
x 2 Units
x 6 Units
From 9,35  Tax Incl /ud
x 8 Units
From 6,60  Tax Incl /ud
x 4 Units
From 26,40  Tax Incl /ud