Cladivm Picual 100 ml

Premium Aove that stands out for its bitter and spicy flavour, full-bodied and rich in nuances. It is a protagonist oil at your table, it leaves no one indifferent when consumed raw. Glass bottle 100 ml.

Cladium Picual

La marque Cladivm a ajouté Cladium Picual à son catalogue, qui complète la gamme existante d’huiles d’olive haut de gamme Cladivm Picudo et Cladivm Hojiblanco.

Like its predecessors, it is a monovarietal EVOO that is protected under the PDO of Priego de Córdoba, an international reference in the olive oil sector.

The picual olive, also known as marteña, nevadilla or lopereña, is predominant in the province of Jaén. However, it is also abundant and of very good quality in the Subbética region of Cordoba, where this premium EVOO is produced.

Virgin Olive Oil of the picual variety is a more stable oil and resistant to oxidation than that obtained from other varieties, so it is better preserved and is ideal for cooking. And it contains a high proportion of oleic acid, so its consumption is healthier. As for its flavor and aroma, stands out for its bitterness and itching, being an intense olive oil rich in nuances.

Origine et production de Cladium Picual

The olive groves are found on farms near the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park. And the olives are selected from among all the farms to produce this gourmet olive oil until they are harvested in October.

The reason why they are harvested so early is to achieve the highest concentration of organoleptic properties in the olives. This is also the reason why production is lower, as the olives have not finished ripening and therefore less juice is extracted in litres.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that the entire production and storage process is in accordance with the regulation of the DO Priego de Córdoba, which adds a guarantee of control and quality to the Cladivm brand.

Quality standards and Awards

Aroden is the company that produces the Cladivm brand and has quality stamps and complies with laws that grant its products a guarantee of control and quality. The most relevant are the following:

  • IFS, since 2014 they comply with the International Food Standard certification. A food safety, handling and hygiene standard in which they have a HIGHER score.
  • FSMA, Food Safety Modernization Act that comply to be suppliers to the US market.
  • HACCP system, and that is based on food safety.

There are many awards given to the Cladivm brand in different international competitions. As an example, in 2017 and 2018 the total awards amounted to 24 between medals, distinctions, diplomas, etc …

Aroden Hispania Olive Oil

Aroden is an oil mill located in Carcabuey (next to the Sierras Subbéticas Park) and which was established at the beginning of this 21st century. Even so, the olive tradition of its farmers, like those of its previous generations, go back to ancient times in the cultivation of the olive tree.

There are many national and international recognitions that they get each year, although two stand out from the rest:

  • Mario Salinas Award, from the International Oléicola Council
  • Best Oil Mill in Spain, from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Buying Cladivm Picual olive oil is undoubtedly the right decision for any lover of this olive so characteristic that it is picual.

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It is characterized by its bitterness and itching, being an intense olive oil rich in nuances.

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x 24 Units
cladivm picual 100 ml
Cladivm Picual 100 ml
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