Hello everyone! 😉 There are many benefits that olive oil provides us and that help us to have healthy and strong hair. Since ancient times, both the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans knew the excellent properties of olive oil and benefited by giving it multiple uses.

Apart from its daily consumption, olive oil was used as a restorative and beauty treatment in the form of an ointment for the skin and hair. It was also used to massage with oil lotions that they made, to name some of the uses that were given to it.

Is olive oil good for hair?

Not only in ancient times, in our days we are also aware of the many benefits of “liquid gold” and that they derive from many of its properties. On the one hand, there are properties intrinsic to the healthy vegetable fats of olive oil, oleic acid, which acts as an emollient and softener on the skin. Maintains the health of the scalp and helps in the healing of any pathology in it, such as wounds or itching.

Likewise, it maintains a level of natural hydration in the hair thanks to its moisturizing property (which preserves moisture), preventing it from drying out and remaining brittle. In addition, the vitamin E contained in olive oil is ideal for summer times when our hair suffers more from exposure to the sun. And if this were not enough, it also has toning properties, increasing the elasticity, strength and shine of the hair.

Olive oil benefits for hair
Olive oil benefits for hair

Antioxidant and natural nutrient

On the other hand, the composition of olive oil, and especially that of extra virgin, has a high percentage of polyphenols. Or what is the same, natural antioxidants found in vegetables and how beneficial they are for our body when we eat them. In the case of hair, when consuming olive oil, these substances give strength to our hair and make it regenerate more quickly.

Regardless of the latter, olive oil itself is already a food in itself and it behaves as a nutrient for the hair follicles, strengthening them if applied topically.

Obviously, the properties of an olive juice are better if it is a Premium olive oil. That is why we at La Tinaja del Gourmet recommend the use of EVOO in any case, both in food and hygiene or aesthetics. The main reason is that extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed, thus preserving all its properties. And if we focus on the type of olive oil according to the olive variety, that of the Picual olive variety would be the most recommended due to its high content of polyphenols.

Properties of olive oil for hair

Concluding the previous section, the most relevant benefits of olive oil on hair are the following: it maintains its natural hydration, provides it with strength, shine and elasticity. Therefore, it prevents brittle tips. Nourishes and repairs the scalp, strengthens its hair follicles, and stimulates hair growth.

And one more benefit that I have not mentioned before: it maintains the hygiene of our scalp, suffocating “bugs”, such as lice …. Of course, after knowing all these benefits it is difficult to find an excuse not to treat your hair with olive oil, but …. how to use olive oil for hair? Is this complicated? Nothing about that, keep reading and you will see.

Olive oil hair mask

The simplest and cheapest treatment, and no less effective for that, is to make an olive oil mask on your hair. You begin by massaging the scalp after pouring a few drops of olive oil into the palms of your hands. The hair must be dry for the oil to reach the hair follicles. And it is massaged little by little, so that the olive oil enters the hair fiber and thus it absorbs all its nutrients.

olive oil for hair Image by silviarita from Pixabay

It is convenient to gently insist on the hair tips as they are the most mistreated part. Massage them to ensure that they will also absorb the olive oil. Once all the hair has been exposed to olive oil, let the mask act for an hour.

We can cover the hair with a hot and humid towel if we want, in order to make the most of the moisturizing property of olive oil. In any case, the towel will also help us to avoid staining our clothes if we want to do our tasks while we wait for the mask to act.

Once the hour is up, you have to wash your hair with plenty of water and a shampoo with the least possible chemical compounds, with a natural one or one recommended for children will do. We must make sure that the hair is absolutely clean of any remaining olive oil and therefore not greasy.


As for the time intervals to apply the mask, it varies depending on the state in which your hair is and also how long you keep the mask. If the hair is weak and brittle, and requires a lot of hydration, a night mask may be appropriate. In this case, once a week would be enough. For healthier hair, a one hourmaskevery two weeks should be sufficient.

As you have seen, the benefits of olive oil when applied to hair are many. It is a totally natural, healthy product, and its application could not be simpler and cheaper. No more excuses: set aside an hour of your time and give your hair a healthy olive oil treatment.

Until the next post! 😉

Properties of olive oil for hair
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Properties of olive oil for hair
What are the benefits of applying olive oil to our hair? We explain the properties of olive oil and how they can benefit your hair if you regularly apply a mask to it.
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