Organic Raw Holm Oak Honeydew

Taste raw and organic holm oak honeydew, or forest honey, with a strong flavor, as well as being very dense. Due to its high content of iron and mineral salts, it is ideal to combat anemia. 100% Spanish origin. 800 g jar.

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Raw and Organic Holm Oak Honeydew

The raw and organic Holm Oak Honeydew has its origin in the holm oak forests. This forest honey, as it is usually called, or honeydew, is produced by bees when they feed on the liquid that flows as a secretion impregnating the acorn. This substance comes from the raw sap that sprouts from the very root of the holm oak. And it is in the long days of summer when the bees feed on it and produce it in honeydew, this harvest being the latest of the season.

The color of holm oak honeydew is dark, its flavor is strong, and it is a very dense honey. Due to its high content of polyphenols, it has a great antioxidant capacity, as well as having less sugar than other honeys. And as it has a lot of iron, it is a very convenient honey to combat anemia.

Why Raw and Organic Honey?

No heat or filtration treatments are applied to raw honey during the extraction and conditioning process. This allows to maintain all the richness and added value of the particles that can accompany honey (pollen and propolis).

And ecological since it meets the requirements of the European regulation of organic agriculture. It is honey that has the certificate of the CAAE (Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture).

To be organic honey, the bees are not fed with sugar. In addition, the treatment that thehives receive is carried out with substances existing in nature. On the other hand, all the apiaries are in natural areas and free of pollution. In most cases, these spaces are protected and have great biodiversity.

Producer: Verdemiel

Verdemiel are Andalusian beekeepers who, from the heart of the Sierra Subbética Cordovan, have been producing and selling raw and organic honey since the 1990s. Their origins are part of the rural world so they are knowledgeable about how to take care of their environment.

Its apiaries are located in natural areas of Andalusia, one of the regions with the greatest floral diversity in all of Europe. Apart from the Sierra Subbética Cordoba, they also have beehives in Sierra Morena, in the provinces of Huelva and Seville. It is always natural environments free of pollution, even some of these are protected places.

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