Picual olive oil

Picual extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from the “picual” olive variety, the most widespread in Spain and in the world. Likewise, the areas where they most predominate are the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba and Granada..

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Characteristics of picual olive oil

Its main attribute is bitterness. In addition, when it is a young juice, when the olives are harvested in a state of early maturation, it also has herbaceous aromas such as olive leaf, grass and tomato. In addition to the bitterness, it also has a spicy taste.

It is an oil with a very intense flavor and it is the protagonist in any dish. For those who are not used to it, it can be a bit strong.

Picual olive oil is highly appreciated for its high stability. So this means that it is very resistant to oxidation and rancidity. So it supports high temperatures very well, in addition to lengthening its storage time in perfect conditions.

This EVOO is also characterized by its high content of oleic acid, so it is highly recommended for people with high cholesterol. It also has a high level of polyphenols, natural antioxidants, which help reduce the process of cellular oxidation in our body.

Picual EVOO, uses

Obviously, its main use is in the kitchen. Both in high temperature frying and in stews that require a long cooking time. Its consumption raw is more than recommended, as well as in salad dressing, or for breakfast with good toast with tomato. Also, due to its stability, it is used for the preservation of foods such as cheese, sausages, meats and preserves in general.

Because it is an intense olive oil with personality, it may not be recommended in dishes with mild flavors, mayonnaise or desserts, since its strong flavor would interfere too much.

Buy picual extra virgin olive oil

Finally, in this section we present some Premium quality “picual” olive oils that will delight any kitchen. It should be noted that the selected juices are all organic picual olive oil, adding more quality and benefit for the health of the consumer.