First cold pressed, or cold extracted, olive oil is considered by many to be the best olive oil available on the market. It is obtained from the first pressing of fresh, chemically untreated olives. It is processed at very low temperatures to preserve its nutrients and unique flavour.

One of the main benefits of this olive oil is its high content of antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids. These nutrients are important for overall health and are linked to a number of health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease. In addition, this oil is rich in vitamin E, which makes it an excellent choice for skin and hair.

Extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressed olive juice

Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first pressing, in the case that it is carried out with hydraulic presses, or first cold extraction, with the current mills. Furthermore, in order to be called ‘extra virgin’, this oil must be produced from olives in perfect condition, and the resulting acidity level of the juice must not exceed 0.8º.

And within the extra virgin olive oils, we find the high quality or gourmet oils. This aove, produced with unripe olives, has excellent organoleptic properties to delight with its aroma and flavour.

This premium extra virgin olive oil will delight you with its flavour and aroma.

Another advantage of first cold pressed olive oil is its distinctive taste and aroma. Because it is processed at very low temperatures, it retains its original flavour and aroma. The latter makes it ideal for adding flavour to any dish. It is also ideal for use in salads and as a dressing, as its delicate flavour and aroma do not overpower the other ingredients.

In addition to its taste and health benefits, first cold pressed olive oil also has a higher smoke point than other oils. This is essential for cooking at high temperatures. You can use this olive oil for frying food, grilling or adding it to any other dish that requires high temperature cooking.

When buying olive oil, it is important to choose a good quality brand. Also check the label to make sure it is labelled as “first cold pressed” or “cold extracted”.

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In this article we explain the concept of "first cold pressed" or "cold extracted" olive oil. The most highly valued olive oil.
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