Hello everyone! 😉 What is EVOO? We have all heard this word and perhaps we have associated it with olive oil because of the context, or related to this world of “oleum”, or we simply have no idea what they refer to.

Meaning of EVOO

EVOO is the acronym or the word formed by the initials of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In Spanish it is very popular and instead of Evoo it is called Aove (Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra).

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Surely you wonder the reason for this denomination, if finally it’s only olive oil… But it is like everything in life. Something that is very important and is valued in the end seeks its own name.

And so we can refer in a simplified way to the best olive oil: extra virgin olive oil. Pure olive oil juice so appreciated by consumers. We could say that EVOO is olive oil, but not all olive oils are EVOO.

Olive oil and EVOO

Saying EVOO is to say assured quality, it is olive juice extracted at a temperature below 27º, and always using mechanical procedures.

When we refer to “mechanical procedures” we refer to processes such as extraction, decantation, centrifugation and filtration. And at all times we want to make it clear that no chemicalor refining processes are involved.

Likewise, all these commented characteristics, in addition to others, are not arbitrary. In fact, they are included in European Regulation 2568/1991, which classifies the types of olive oils and the parameters in terms of their composition that each of them must comply with.

As an example of one of these parameters or characteristics that an EVOO must meet, I will refer to the degree of acidity. The acidity of olive oil is perhaps one of the most relevant characteristics when classifying an olive oil by its quality. The less acidic, the higher the quality.

Thus, according to the aforementioned Law, the maximum acidity that an extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) can have is 0.8%.

To understand if this 0.8% is a lot or a little, explain that the acidity allowed for virgin olive oil (not extra virgin) is between 0.8% and 2%. And that above 2% are classified as lampante oils or of worst quality.

Finally, refined olive oils will not be included when talking about acidity since they have neither acidity nor flavor.

Organic EVOO

In addition to all the positive attributes mentioned above about EVOO, if it is an organic EVOO, the benefits of this type of olive oil are intensified.

Organic olive oils are certified as long as their production complies with legal standards of care for the environment, of the cultivated olives, of the process by which the olive oil is extracted, and finally its storage and packaging.

In short, it complies with a series of parameters that benefit the consumer’s health, in addition to the preservation of the environment.

Is there a better olive oil?

You may wonder … But is there any type of olive oil better than EVOO? the answer is clear: NO. We are talking about the pure and direct juice of the fruit, without alteration of any kind. What we can distinguish within the EVOO are different qualities depending on the state of the olive.

When the best olives are selected, we refer to Premium olive oil. A type of superior quality olive oil, which is usually produced from olives that are picked before they mature. And that provide high levels of natural antioxidants and highly appreciated organoleptic properties.

In addition, they contain a degree of acidity always below 0.8% and in most cases around 0.2% and 0.4%.

I hope it has helped you understand why EVOO is so valued and how it differs from other types of olive oil. We read in the next post! 👋

What is EVOO? Is it olive oil?
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What is EVOO? Is it olive oil?
Is olive oil the same as EVOO? We tend to confuse both terms and they are not the same. In latinajadelgourmet.com we explain it to you, visit us.
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