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Hello everyone from La Tinaja del Gourmet!

My name is Francisco and I am the creator of La Tinaja del Gourmet, a website that is an online store for Premium extra virgin olive oil. From this website, among various purposes, we want to highlight the work of olive oil producers. And very particularly to those who invest resources and long-term effort to obtain olive oils of excellent quality. In addition to promoting them both in Spain and abroad.

I believe that this precious asset as olive oil must be “pampered” and made known as it deserves. And I also believe that this recognition has to start at the origin itself and then move to the rest of society.

My family origins lie in the Subbetic Sierras of Cordoba, and we have always appreciated this good. In addition, we are also aware with concern about its future economic viability. This uncertainty is due to the fact that traditional cultivation practices have been those that prioritized yield and bulk sale. These practices clearly do not favor the producer and compromise the viability of the sector in the long term.

La Tinaja del Gourmet

When choosing which olive oils to include in the catalog we had it easy: my family’s native region provides the Best Extra Virgin Oil in the World.

And what better way to promote these olive oils than to tell you about them and send them home? Well, this is the mission of this Blog and this Online Store.

And why La Tinaja del Gourmet? Very simple: I wanted to focus on these Premium quality olive oils that for their organoleptic properties are so appreciated by the EVOO lover and that will help me so much in their promotion. And why the name “La Tinaja”? as a tribute to that traditional clay container that for so many years served to preserve not only olive oil but also other juices such as wine and foods such as cheese or sausages, for example.

You may wonder what differences are there between a so-called “Premium” or “Gourmet” olive oil versus an olive oil for cooking. There are several differences, but the main one is that in these gourmet olive oils the best olives are selected to ensure the best quality of the resulting juice. In addition, another of the most important differences is that the olive for Premium olive oil is harvested around the month of October, a couple of months before the olive matures. In this way, those properties of smell and taste that are so appreciated by those who love the best extra virgin olive oil are achieved. We will discover the rest of the differences in the following posts 😉.

I hope we all start a path in the knowledge of “gourmet” olive oil and that we learn to love it. You have my commitment.

Francisco Cobos, creator of La Tinaja del gourmet

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