Escornalbou Gourmet 750 ml

Taste the extra virgin Escornalbou Gourmet, an olive oil from the Siurana PDO made exclusively from Arbequina olives. This juice with a mild and fruity flavor is ideal for both daily use and gourmet cooking. 750 ml glass bottle.

Escornalbou Gourmet extra virgin olive oil is a juice produced exclusively from Arbequina olives. It is an EVOO with a mild and fruity flavor. And ideal as an olive oil to cook every day (salads, fried foods, pasta, sauces, meat, etc.) and thus enhance the flavor of your dishes.

This olive oil has achieved more than 25 awards and recognitions. And as the most significant example, it was the winner of the Spanish Food Award in 2019/20 in the category of Best Ripe Fruity EVOO in Spain. In addition to recently obtaining the Grand Gold for the Best Ripe Fruity EVOO 2022 at the Mezquita Gran Oro awards, and occupying a position in the Top 100 of the famous Evooleum guide in the 2020/21 season.

Cooperativa Agrícola Riudecanyes

The Escornalbou Gourmet has the guarantee of the famous Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of Siurana. Therefore, traceability and food control are assured. In addition, a control of the olives is carried out before entering the mill and chemical analyzes of each sample. And the elaboration of this olive oil is done in a traditional way, with milling in less than 24 hours from harvest, and with cold extraction (less than 27 ºC) and packaging on request in the same mill that ensures minimal storage.

The origin of the olives used for the production of this exquisite EVOO is from the Baix Camp region (Tarragona, Catalonia). Specifically, the olive groves are located in the Barony of Escornalbou (Riudecanyes, Duesaigües and Vilanova d’Escornalbou). And its production is carried out in the Riudecanyes Agricultural Cooperative. The town of Riudecanyes is located a short distance from the sea, the cities of Reus and Tarragona, and at the same time at the foot of the mountains.

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Its aroma is medium green fruity with a marked note of alloza (green almond) and tones of citrus flowers. And slight nuances of tomato about to ripen. In the mouth, it is light, silky and medium-bodied, filling the mouth with a fresh sensation. Nothing astringent and practically absent the spiciness that can be appreciated after a few seconds of passing through the throat, but in a tenuous way. Nose alloza tones are firmly confirmed in sweet almond and citrus aftertaste.

escornalbou gourmet 750 ml
Escornalbou Gourmet 750 ml
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