Morellana Hojiblanca

Enjoy an experience of great olfactory complexity and a characteristic taste of a monovarietal olive oil from the hojiblanca olive. An organic extra virgin regulated under the DO of Baena. Glass bottle 500 ml.

Morellana Hojiblanca is an organic extra virgin olive oil that is regulated according to the DO of Baena. The tasting notes of this EVOO are of great olfactory complexity, and the flavors are very characteristic of the hojiblanca olive.

Morellana Hojiblanca: awards

In July 2020 it has been awarded as one of the 10 Best Organic EVOOs in the World 2019/2020 according to the prestigious World’s Best Olive Oil ranking. In addition, in the 2020-2021 season this olive oil won the gold medal at the New York Olive Oil Competition, the gold medal at the Olive Japan, and the platinum medal at the Berlin Olive Oil Awards.

Origin and production

This premium EVOO is produced organically from hojilblanca olives that are harvested in mid-October. The olive groves are found in Luque and Baena, municipalities in Córdoba around the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park.

The olive groves are centuries old and are cultivated at altitude, in clay soil, and the olives are harvested manually and by beating. Due to this, its production is limited.

The extraction of olive oil occurs in a maximum of four hours after the olive arrives at the mill. And it is carried out through a continuous two-phase process: cold and by centrifugation.

The olive oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks with a nitrogen atmosphere for later packaging as it is sold. Furthermore, every effort is made to have the olive oil packaged just before it is shipped to the customer.

All these processes are controlled according to the Baena Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) regulation.

Sucesores de Hermanos López

The producer of Morellana olive oil is the company Sucesores de Hermanos López, a family oil mill located in Luque since the beginning of the 20th century. Even so, the family tradition in the olive sector dates back to the mid-nineteenth century.

Over the last few years they have taken advantage of all the knowledge accumulated from so long and in turn have technologically transformed their facilities and modes of production. As a result, today they produce juices that win international awards.

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Balanced and harmonious in its olfactory phase. Complex with many green and aromatic nuances. In its gustatory phase, it enters the mouth sweet, first appreciating the olive leaves and herbaceous notes. Later, the bitterness and artichoke are noticeable, and to finish an intense and very persistent itch typical of the hojiblanca olive.

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