Buy extra virgin olive oil online

We give you 5 reasons why you should buy extra virgin olive oil online, and especially in La Tinaja del Gourmet (keep reading ⇊)

5 Reasons to buy olive oil online at La Tinaja del Gourmet

1st Acces to a variety of olive oils

Buying online let you to access to a wide variety of olive oils which are not able easily at our usual supermarkets At La Tinaja del Gourmet we offer our clients highly valued Premium olive oils and that they are sold only in specialized stores or in origin.

2nd Convenience

We send your order to your home, or to another address according to your preference. olive oil ideal as a gift for that person who is not around.

3rd Fresher olive oil

Usually online stores are small projects which work under ordering with a direct sending from the olive oil mill to customer home.

4th Specialized advice

The usual thing is that a website which sell olive oil is specialized in this product. That’s the case of La Tinaja del Gourmet, an online store especialized in extra virgin olive oils from the subbetic area from Córdoba. So, you can have our advice for any doubt you want to ask about an olive oil which adapts to your preferences and needs.

5th Cheaper olive oil

Enjoy of the best extra virgin olive oil at a very reasonable price. If your order is over 75 euros, shipping is free. And depending on the product, by increasing the units purchased you can access cheaper prices.

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