Pintarré Verde

Do you want to taste a green, organic, early harvest olive oil? A picual from the area where the best picuals come from? Pintarré olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil from the Sierra de Mágina. Glass bottle 700 ml.

Pintarré Verde olive oil is an organic extra virgin olive oil from Torres (Jaén), in the heart of the Sierra de Mágina, famous for its excellent picual olive oils. This picual olive is harvested very early, in the month of October, which is called early harvest.

The juices produced from an early harvest have very pronounced organoleptic properties, both in taste and smell. And with a very characteristic green colour that can be appreciated through the glass of the bottle of this Pintarré olive oil. It is ideal to complement salads, soups, pastas and vegetable dishes, as well as to be used as a condiment for meat and fish.

Olive oil from Mancha Real

Picual extra virgin olive oil from the Sierra de Mágina region is a high quality product that stands out for its intense and fruity flavour.

The municipality of Mancha Real, famous for its olive oil, is located in this region. It is known for being one of the most important olive oil production areas in the world. This region is a mountainous region with a warm and dry climate, which allows for an excellent production of high quality olives.

This oil is produced from the Picual olive variety, which has been cultivated in the region for centuries. The Picual olive is a very resistant and adaptable olive variety to the different climates and soils of the region.

The Picual olive is known for its strong, fruity flavour, with notes of nuts and herbs. This unique flavour is what distinguishes Picual extra virgin olive oil from other olive oils.

Pintarré olive oil by Campo Antaño

Pintarré is a Spanish olive oil brand with a long tradition in the production of high quality oils. The olive grove estate is located in the municipality of Torres (Jaén), and is known for its dedication to the production of high quality olive oils and its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

The brand specialises in the use of high quality olive trees and in caring for its crops in a sustainable way. In addition, Pintarré uses traditional production techniques to guarantee the maximum quality of its products. The combination of these factors results in olive oils with an intense and fruity flavour, characteristics that have made Pintarré a recognised and appreciated brand.

In 2010 they began to cultivate exclusively and exclusively organically and in coexistence with sheep, obtaining certificates from the CAAE, AB and Bio Siegel in 2014 as organic olive groves.

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It has a fresh and fruity taste, with herbal and slightly bitter notes. It has an intense and fruity aroma, with notes of green leaves and some floral hints. It has an intense green colour, which indicates its freshness and its content in polyphenols, natural antioxidants. And its texture is light and smooth, making it easy to mix with other ingredients.

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