Picual En Envero 3 Liters

Enjoy an organic extra virgin of excellent quality and very healthy for its high content of polyphenols (natural antioxidants). It is an olive oil that, due to its fruity aroma and flavor, in addition to its bitterness and spiciness, is ideal with some toast or salad dressing. 3 liter can.

Buying this Picual en Envero olive oil is enjoying an organic extra virgin. It is a monovarietal picual olive oil with which you can enjoy its unique tasting notes.

Olive Oil in Envero

This olive oil is produced from olives from olive groves between 10 and 40 years old from the Cortijo de Suerte Alta farm. As its name indicates, “Picual en Envero”, the Picual olive is used in its production, which is harvested in an early stage of “envero”.

And what is the “Envero”? The olive is in a state of maturity and then acquires the tones that go from green to purple. It is due to this early time in its collection, along with dry land, so it has a high content of polyphenols.

These substances called polyphenols are natural antioxidants found in vegetables. Therefore, buying this Cortijo de Suerte Alta EVOO is to provide your body with substances for the benefit of your health.

Regardless of all the awards won by Cortijo de Suerte Alta as an oil mill, this olive oil achieved a gold medal in the monoculture category of Olive Oil 2018.

And it also has the quality stamp SIQEVQVEXTRA! International .

In addition, this olive oil is protected under the Baena PDO, with the guarantee of control and quality that this implies.

Cortijo de Suerte Alta s.l.

Family farm since the 14th century and that has 250 hectares in which 100-year-old olive groves predominate. Family production on their own farm which allows total control of the process, from the flower to the bottle.

The varieties of olives that are grown are Picuda, Picual and Hojiblanca. Organic olive oil has been produced since 1996, the year in which it opted for this type of production and which has been awarded so many awards in recognition of its long ecological history.

Definitely, buying this Picual En Envero olive oil is one of the most beneficial decisions for our health and that has the guarantee of an experienced producer who works with high quality standards.

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Mild aromas and flavor of green herbs and chlorophyll, balanced on the palate and evolving towards ripe almonds.

picual en envero olive oil 3 liters
Picual En Envero 3 Liters
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