Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

Do you want to know about olive oil gift set? We offer you a selection of Premium olive oil. In addition, some of them are recognized abroad since they are winners of both national and international competitions.

2 Liters

De Luxe Case

From 52,00 
From 14,75 
From 18,00 
From 15,75 
From 15,50 
From 15,50  From 12,40 
From 14,75  From 11,80 
From 15,75  From 12,60 

Extra virgin olive oil case

In addition, the presentation of these olive oil gift boxes is in cardboard or wood, providing added value to your gift.

Likewise, as a business gift they are also a detail that your customers will appreciate. In fact, these cases only include glass bottles, with a premium design and presentation.

Olive oil as a gift

Finally, if you are invited to eat, meet family or friends, olive oil as a gift is always ideal. So, it is an original, rich, and healthy gift that they will thank you for.