Multivarietal extra virgin olive oil

In this section you can choose a multivarietal extra virgin olive oil. This type of juice is produced from more than one variety of olives. This is mainly due to the type of plantation, land in which olive groves of different varieties of olives are cultivated and therefore they are all harvested together.

Once the olive is harvested, it is taken to the oil mill and the different varieties are ground at the same time to obtain multivarietal olive oil. Without paying attention to the proportions between the different varieties of olives so they arrive at the oil mill all together for grinding.

In contrast, in coupage olive oils, also multivarietals, the varieties of olives are mixed in the mill once the oil is obtained separately for each type of fruit. And thus to be able to adjust the necessary proportions of each variety of olive from which you want to compose the olive oil. It could be understood that a multivarietal is also a blend (or coupage) olive oil. And in a strict sense it is, since it is a mixture.

However, mixing the olive varieties without paying attention to the proportions would not achieve the basic objective of unifying, complementing or improving the qualities of the resulting coupage olive oil.

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