Knolive Olive Oil

Knolive is the trademark of the extra virgin olive oil produced and marketed by the Knolive Oils company. It is a family business located in the town of Priego de Córdoba. And even though it was recently established, it has a very extensive olive tradition.

In fact, there are several generations of the same owner family that since the mid-nineteenth century are dedicated to the production of olive oil. And that they currently also produce superior quality olive oil with the family’s origin brand, Hispasur Aceites.

Its olive groves are located in the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park itself. And due to the peculiar geographical and climatic characteristics of the Park, the olive oil produced in and around it is highly valued. Not only in Spain, but also in the rest of the World.

This extra virgin olive oil is produced from three varieties of olives: the picuda, the hojiblanca and the arbequina. And from these types of olives, a blend of picuda and hojiblanca is produced, as is the case with Epicure and Organic. And they also produce monovarietal olive oils such as Picudo, Hojiblanco and Arbequino.

The case of the Epicure is remarkable because despite its short existence it has achieved notable worldwide recognition. In fact, it was positioned in 2018 as the best Extra Virgin in the World according to the world ranking “World Best Olive Oil”.

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