Coupage Olive OIl

Here is a selection of Coupage olive oil (to learn more, read below ⇩).

From 18,95 
From 16,95 
From 15,75 
From 18,95  From 15,15 
From 15,75  From 12,60 
From 16,95  From 13,50 

The coupage EVOO, like wine, is made from a mixture of at least two varieties of the fruit. In the case of olive oil, from at least two types of olives. Therefore, a juice with the characteristics of different varieties is achieved.

Thus, comparing to monovarietals, their tasting notes can be more complex, with more nuances, and even more balanced. Furthermore, it is the master of the mill who, as a result of his experience, decides in what quantity and which olives are mixed to obtain this type of coupage olive oil. It is therefore a task that requires great precision in order to obtain a mixture that can take advantage of the best of each variety.

Blend Olive Oil

In addition to coupage, a French term, there is also the term blend, of Anglo-Saxon origin. And means the same: mixture. So it is likely that olive oil is sometimes referred to as a “blend” when referring to the juice resulting from mixing more than one variety of olives.

Extra virgin olive oil coupage

Finally, clarify that the selection of olive oils that we offer in La Tinaja del Gourmet corresponds to Extra Virgin, and always of the highest quality.