What is Arbequina Olive Oil ?

When we talk about Arbequina olive oil we refer to the one produced from the Arbequina olive.

Here we present a monovarietal, the AlmaOliva Arbequino, in which all the essence of the Arbequina olive is concentrated. And other olive oils that are not exclusively from this olive, but in which its qualities are appreciated.

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This olive is typical of the provinces of Lleida and Tarragona, and has expanded a lot in other territories such as Andalusia, for example. The reasons for this expansion are a great adaptability to other terrains and a high production and yield. In fact, there are numerous super-intensive plantations of this type of Arbequina olive tree that are cultivated in these territories where there were no Arbequina olives before.

The main characteristic of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is that it is sweet on the palate, as well as being very soft. Itchiness and bitterness are not its characteristic. In any case, if it pitted, it would be attributed to its recent extraction or to the fact that the olives were harvested in an early stage of maturity.

Thus, it is a perfect juice for the introduction of olive oil in people not used to its consumption. And thus avoid the rejection that could occur with other olive oils with a stronger flavor. Therefore, it is perfect for children, or for consumption in other countries where, due to cultural aspects, olive oil is unknown.

Uses of arbequina olive oil

The uses of this olive oil in the kitchen are very varied. In fact, since it is an olive oil with such a delicate and smooth flavor and does not interfere with the flavors of food, its combinations are multiple.

Therefore, it is used to make sauces or mayonnaise or even in pastries it serves as a substitute for butter or margarine. Also, for takingraw dressing a salad, or taking it with toast, it is ideal.